Specializing in Craig's List and Google AdWords Support

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This new service is designed to help you sell some inventory and get more customers through your doors.

If you want to clear out some inventory and generate more business, have you considered using Craig's List or Google AdWords or both?

If you thought about it but haven't gotten around to doing it because you just can't find the time to figure out exactly what it takes to get the results you want, today you now have an option.

I'll be your Craig's List assistant.

To start, I can get some of your inventory onto Craig's List.  Within 30 days you'll have a good idea if Internet marketing is something worthwhile for you and your inventory.  Give it couple of weeks and monitor your phone and foot traffic.  If your inventory is reasonably priced, it will sell.  The only reason why it doesn't sell right now is because nobody knows you have it.

If you like the results, we can move on to Google, the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

I'll be your Google AdWords assistant.

Google's search advertising service is called Google AdWords.  You'll need a Website to take advantage of Google AdWords because Google needs to send your potential customers somewhere.  The best part about AdWords is that Google won't charge you a dime if you don't get Website visitors.  I can recommend a few options if you don't have a customizable Website.

What I'm going to do for you...

I'm going to place direct marketing ads on Craig's List (free want ads service; requires phone) and Google AdWords (pay-per-click service; requires Website and phone).  These direct marketing ads will promote specific items you want to get out of your inventory.

You don't need to do both services.  That is you choice.  I have expertise in both.

Who am I?

I'm an Internet Marketing Coach with PMGroup.com.  I have over 13 years of Internet coaching experience and one of the things I've found out is, everybody can use a coach but most people don't have the time, ability or desire to do what is necessary.

As an Internet Marketing Coach I work with a lot of real estate agents.  Times are slow in the real estate industry right now and I have a few hours a week to fill up.

My company normally charges $85 an hour for Internet Coaching & Training but for this new Craig's List & Google AdWords Support service that I put together, you only have to pay $22.50 an hour.

I only have 8 hours a week to devote to this service and I'm scheduling it on a first come first served basis.

How it works...

You just email me a short description and picture of the item you want to sell and I'll get it on Craig's List or Google AdWords or both.  Then you sit back and answer the phone and move some inventory.

That's what I call teamwork and I look forward to being on your success team.

Here's how the numbers work:

$22.50 an hour (minimum 10 hour retainer - unused time is refundable)

Time use estimates for Craig's List Support:

  • initial insertion = 10 to 15 minutes per item w/ picture and text
  • weekly renewal = 5 minutes per item
    (15 minute minimum: workspace setup, login routine, ad/inventory management, etc.)

    Time use estimates for Google AdWords Support: (requires AdWords account and Website)

  • Ad insertion = 15 to 60 minutes per ad depending on keyword selection/competitiveness
  • Landing Page (if needed) = 30 to 60 minutes per item/page (*after initial setup)
    NOTE: Google will charge you per click when using their AdWords service (**price varies)

    Other Services:

  • Basic Google AdWords tips tutoring = 1 hour max at $22.50
  • Internet Coaching and Training = $85/hr.
  • Custom Website Design rate = $65-$85/hr.

    Cheryl Bills — Internet Advertising Specialist
    Specializing in Craig's List and Google AdWords Support
    PO Box 693 • Bothell, Washington 90841-0693 • USA

    SPECIAL NOTE: 8 hours per week (max) available on a first come first served basis.

    * If requested, the Landing Page initial setup time ranges from 2 to 10 hours depending on the level of customization you request and is billed at the Custom Website Design rate of $65 to $85 an hour.
    ** Google AdWords pay-per-click charges are directly related to competing ads
    AdWords(TM) is a Trademark of Google Inc., Mountain View, California.

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